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CPM Scheduling Services
Barrios Planning and Scheduling LLC strongly believes that a strong start to Project Management control and success begins with a well planned out and detailed CPM schedule. Once this initial plan has been created and accepted by all parties, regular updates or revisions are recommended in order to manage and execute a schedule realistic path.
To obtain maximum project control, invest in our CPM scheduling services. With our superior attention to detail and scheduling specifications, you can be sure that your project will be completed on time and within your stated budget limitations. Our experience consultants have extensive experience with Government, Commercial, and Civil scheduling specifications. Whatever your project requires, we can fulfill all of your scheduling needs while maintaining strict industry standards and contractual specifications. We utilize advanced industry specific software; we are able to identify potential problems that would have been unforeseen otherwise. With this preventative method, your time and money remains saved so you can move forward as soon as possible.

I. Construction Schedule Development
  • Proposal Schedule Creation
  • Preliminary Schedule Creation
  • Baseline Schedule Creation
  • Schedule Updating
  • Master Integrated Schedule (MIS) development
  • Schedule Updating/ Monthly Progress
  • Recovery Schedules
  • Acceleration Schedules
  • Schedule Reporting and Performance
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Cost Performance Index
  • S-Curves and Histograms
  • Detail Monthly Progress report

II. Schedule Analysis:
  • Critical Path/ Critical Activities
  • Total Float/ Free Float
  • Impact/ Delay
  • Level of Effort Activities
  • Resources
  • Schedule Risk / Risk Management
  • Date Constraints
  • Open Ended Activities
  • Out of Sequence Logic
  • Start-to-Finish Relationship
  • Negative Float
  • Cash Flow
  • “What If” scenarios
  • Probabilistic Distribution of Activity Duration

III. Cost Loaded Schedules
IV. Resource Loaded Schedules
V. Interactive Web-Ex using Primavera
VI. Schedule Reporting

  • Cost Performance KPI
  • Schedule Performance KPI

CPM Scheduling Software:

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